Welcome to Floral by Julia, where I (Julia) make flowers. Well, I don’t actually make the flowers themselves, but you get the idea.

I got my first taste of the crazy, but beautiful world of wedding flowers at fifteen when I started working for Lilian Jacobitz of Creative Fleurs. Ten years and many, many lessons later, flowers are still my jam. Particularly wedding flowers.

I still help Lilian out with some of the bigger weddings that require extra hands, but when I’m not, you’ll find me in my kitchen under piles and piles of flowers, attempting to make magic happen.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions or requests.  And if you’re wanting to cast your gaze upon some pretty things, scroll down straight to the bottom for some awesome pictures.




Just like every aspect of a wedding, flowers can be expensive. Alternatively, they can be less expensive and often *gasp* hideous.

When my husband and I got married at the ripe ages of 19 and 20, money for a wedding was scarce. I was beyond blessed when Lilian offered to do my wedding flowers (all of them y’all, tables and everything) for basically nothing.

Then my own friends started getting married and I wanted to help them too.

And now here we are, and Floral by Julia is a thing. Usually, I have a minimum budget requirement of $500. But I’m always open to the situation. (Like a single bouquet for your elopement.)

If you’re not too familiar with the costs of flowers, I can walk you through it all. Send me an email via the contact form below and we’ll set up a free consultation.